Why choose the Legacy Centre

If you have made the decision that you want to move into a serviced office, why choose the Legacy Centre? There are 3 main considerations when choosing a new office.

Firstly, for most companies, the price is a major factor. If you review our prices, you will find them to be very competitive, and we challenge you to find a local serviced office building with the same facilities at our prices.

Another major consideration is the quality of the service. Even if the price was incredibly low, it is irrelevant unless the office matched your requirements for a professional and quality premises. With on site management and a desire to exceed the highest of expectations, we easily achieve this. We would welcome the opportunity to show you around the Legacy Centre, and see for yourself. Please review some other peoples’ opinions by going to the recommendation page (Hyperlink)

The final important consideration is the flexibility in the terms offered. Here at the Legacy Centre, we have notice periods of just one month. We know it is difficult for any company to plan months ahead, and even if they do, sometimes things do not go according to plan. If things are going better or worse than expected, then we waive the notice period and allow you to move to a bigger or smaller office immediately.

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