Advantage over a Traditional Lease

There is a misconception that serviced offices are more expensive that regular offices, but the reality is that they are often far more affordable. They also have intangible benefits such as the flexibility. If you look at the enclosed estimates, you will see the comparison.

Traditional Lease

Serviced Office
Size of office suitable for 4 people
300 sq. ft. at £20.00 p.s.f.
200 sq. ft. (less space is required as you are only paying for net space, ie useable space)
Office Space Cost
£6,000 p.a.

£9,600 p.a.
3 Telephone Lines, and 1 Fax line (£50 p.q.)
Included (as well as voicemail and DDI’s)
Cost of furniture
Included (all furniture is of the highest quality)
Cost of small photocopier
Included (you can give the receptionist the items to be copied, and it will be done for you)
Receptionist to welcome visitors and answer your phones
£16,000 p.a.
Included (the receptionist will answer your calls personally, and deal with call as per your instructions)
Maintenance on property
£1,000 (+ risk of larger repairs required)

Included (All property maintenance is our responsibility)
£1,000 (depending on usage)
Included (We pay for all electricity, which includes the heating and air conditioning)
Cleaner and supplies
£2,080 (cost of £40 p.w.)
Included (regular office and communal area cleaning)
£ 29,380

These figures are estimated, however, the cost of a serviced office in the first year is about a third. If you moved into a regular office, you would also be responsible for other expenses such as solicitor fees, installation and delivery costs, administration costs and many others. Financially and practically, serviced offices are just a better choice.

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