What are Serviced Offices?

The concept of a serviced office is an import from the United States where they are successfully used by all sorts of companies all over the country. The basic idea is that many companies within the building can benefit from utilizing shared resources and infrastructure. It is possible that previously unaffordable facilities, technologies and services now become economical. These facilities include tele-communications, CAT Ve wiring, shared space which is not required full time (such as a meeting room or board room), a manned reception, a gym and shower, communal cleaning and maintenance, and many others.

The other major advantage of a serviced office is the flexibility it allows you both in terms and length of occupancy as well as in expansion or contraction potential. The Legacy Centre only requires one months notice to terminate the 12 month licence. This gives you great flexibility in planning the future of your company as you are no longer committed to long periods of time in a single location. It is ideal for smaller companies that are just thinking about venturing out of a home based business or larger companies that are looking for local satellite offices or contracting from their existing premises to smaller, more versatile premises.  This flexibility is further enhanced by the variety of sizes we offer. If you start out in a two person office, and decide it is too small, you can effortlessly move into a larger office, whilst keeping your same telephone numbers and address. This seamless move gives you the potential to adapt to the business environment, without causing interruption or confusion to your customers and suppliers, and your regular business practices.

Serviced offices have many other names, including Business Centres, Executive Offices and Professional Offices. Each Serviced office company offer different facilities and terms, but the core concept remains the same

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